• Carolina Day and The Battle of Fort Sullivan

    In Charleston, June means that it’s time to celebrate Carolina Day, the way Charlestonians commemorate the 1st Patriot victory in the South during the American Revolution. Every June 28th since 1777...

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  • 150 Years Ago – The Hunley

    By 1863, Lincoln’s Anaconda Plan was in full effect. Most of the harbors of the South had been closed and those that were open were blocked by Union ships patrolling to ensure any blockade runners were...

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  • Arrr, Pirates off the Port Side

    September 19th was “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and that got me thinking about this month’s blog. The threat of a pirate attack was very real for the new colony of Carolina. This was one of the reasons...

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  • Presidents

    It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of February already. While thinking about the 3 day weekend for President’s Day, I had a great idea for this month’s blog: let’s talk about the Presidents...

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  • The Flag

    As I sit and watch the Democratic and Republican conventions and think what a folly they have become. Neither side can agree with each other even on minuscule ideas. I wonder how they got like this and...

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  • Another Charleston First – Memorial Day

    Wow, it’s hard to believe that this weekend is the official start of summer. Not only is it that but more importantly is a time to honor all those that have died serving our Country. The tradition of...

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  • Money, Money, Money

    Coinage was the backbone of monetary systems around the world. But here on U.S. soil, we did not have the precious metals that were used for coinage so the colonies turned to paper. Massachusetts was...

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  • 151 Years Ago- Secession

    151 years ago on December 20, 1860, the Civil War started in Charleston, South Carolina. What you are probably thinking is “no April 12, 1861 was the start of the Civil War” and yes that is correct...

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  • Charleston Firsts

    Welcome to the first blog of Charleston History. Just to let you know a little about myself, my name is Lee Ann and I am a licensed tour guide in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is an amazing city...

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