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Pricing varies: Structured on your tour selection and the number of people. Special discounts are available for children and students.

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The Charleston Saga

Strolling through the generations of Charleston History, you will learn about the society, scoundrels and conflicts that define this great city. Charleston’s influence was felt throughout the world and her buildings, quaint streets, hidden alleys and picturesque gardens all have stories to tell.

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Doin’ the Charleston Renaissance

A culture phoenix rising from the ashes of the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Charleston Renaissance roared into the 1920s as artists, writers, musicians, poets, and preservationists revitalized the city’s social, cultural and artistic identity.

This 2 hour walking tour takes you back in time as you visit sites associated with icons such as DuBose Heyward, Elizabeth O’Neil Verner, Josephine Pinckney, John Bennett and the Jenkins Band to name a few. (Image to the left is the Jenkins Orphanage Band.)

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Hail to the Chief

George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and JFK were just a few of our country’s great leaders that enjoyed the hospitality of Charleston. Discover Charleston’s charm and how she worked her magic on these illustrious leaders.

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The Charleston Saga

Strolling through the generations of Charleston History, you will learn about the society, scoundrels and conflicts that define this great city. Charleston’s influence was felt throughout the world and her buildings, quaint streets, hidden alleys and picturesque gardens all have stories to tell.

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Don’t Tread On Me: The Patriots Fight For Liberty In Charleston

From the Charleston taverns to the Liberty Tree and to the homes of those who desired us to be our own country, this tour will explore Charleston during the American Revolution and how this “royal city” with its divided loyalties would shape the future of this country.

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Enduring Traditions, Ironwork of the Holy City

Learn about Charleston’s magnificent ironwork while strolling through the lovely historic district. Many early ironworks were destroyed in raging fires and many noteworthy gates and fences were donated to the Confederate cause to be melted down for cannonballs and “skins” for the ironclad boats. But, even with the losses, the city retains a wealth of impressive ironworks. Hear the story of Philip Simmons, Charleston’s most famous ironworker, and of earlier blacksmiths who crafted beautiful pieces of art throughout the city.

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The Grimké Sisters

Based on the novel Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, you will walk in the footsteps of the Grimké Sisters and hear how life in Charleston was for both the privileged elite and the enslaved masses. This tour will highlight locations and events from the book, divulge untold stories and complete the tale of the Grimké sisters and how these two women shaped future generations. To learn more about Lee Ann’s tour, please visit The Grimké Sisters Tour.

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“Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History”: The Charleston Women who Shattered Tradition.

A group of courageous, innovative women from Charleston would disrupt the status quo of their generations and in doing so, their accomplishments would open opportunities for the women that followed, not only here in Charleston but across the United States.

Meet the ladies, hear their remarkable stories and see for yourself what transpires when you don’t adhere to the norm.

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Charleston, City at the Crossroads

A Civil War & Slavery Tour

It all began here in the South with Carolina Gold (rice) and ended with Charleston being “the little city that started the Big War”. Walk in the footsteps of the enslaved, the fire eaters and the elite Southerners and learn how their paths crossed here in Charleston and shaped the destiny of the United States.

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The Sounds of Hampton Park, the Echoes of its History.

From the pounding of horses feet, to the striking of boots on stone, to the voices that call for freedom and the “oh and awes” of the people of Charleston and of those from around the United States, Hampton Park is a neighborhood whose history echoes through it.

The resonance of Hampton Park is something to be experienced.

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Arrgh, It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me

Pirates have ruled the seas since 3000 BC. Just the mention of the word Pirate is enough to send shivers up one’s spine. Some of the most famous pirates; Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet & Anne Bonny are entwined with the colony of Charles Towne.

Come explore the alleys, thoroughfares and the waterfront of this bustling sea port town. Who knows you might find out a pirates life is for you.

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The Great Shake – The 1886 Earthquake Tour

The night of August 31, 1886 was exceeding hot and a profoundly still. The moon was nearly full and the mist surrounding it cast an eerie glow. A peculiar sulfurous odor permeated the air and some thought it was just the pluff mud. Otherwise it was a normal summer’s evening in Charleston. That is until 9:51pm…

Join us for a walking tour to grasp the terror, comprehend the magnitude of the disaster and appreciate the resilience of the people of Charleston.

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The Originals

Charleston is a city of many 1st. See the first theater, learn about the earliest golf course and hear stories about Charlestonians such as Robert Mills, Jonathan Jasper Wright and Henrietta Johnston and how their accomplishments made them pioneers in their disciplines.

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Tombstone Tales

Hidden beneath moss covered branches are the graves of some of Charleston’s most intriguing citizens. Strolling through these ancient graveyards you will be introduced to these spirited characters. The tombstones many times will tell you their tales.

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They Wear the Ring, The Citadel Tour

The Citadel ring symbolizes the history of the school, of the State of South Carolina and of the ideals on which the college was found. As Pat Conroy said of the words he wrote in Lords of Discipline, “I wear the ring” that … “sums up better than anything how I felt and how others people feel about this college.”

Come explore the history, tradition and the legacy of the Mighty Citadel.

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Susan Pringle Frost

The Angel of Tradd Street

What do Preservation, Women’s Rights, the plight of African Americans and the Duponts all have in common? Susan Pringle Frost. Experience Charleston through the eyes of this amazing lady who fought for her causes and changed the way we preserve our history today.

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Porgy and Bess: The Charleston Influence

It all began on a street in Charleston called Church and with a man named Dubose Heyward. See the sites and hear the stories about the people that inspired the book and the opera which has been influencing the way we look at the life and the contributions of blacks here in the United States since 1925.

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Porgy & Bess Movie Set 1959


N: A Scavenger Hunt Around Charleston with A Twist
V: A Fusion of Math & Social Studies
ADJ: An Exciting Way To Learn

History 2

Early South Carolina History: Lord Proprietors through the American Revolution for 3rd and 8th grade. Students uncover the history around them by unraveling math clues.

History² – Historical Scavenger Hunt

Our programs are created on the STEM philosophy of “encouraging a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and require students to actively engage a situation in order to find its solution.” The Math and History is based on South Carolina Standards.

Included in package:

Teacher’s ManualStudent’s Manual
Prizes for studentsAll supplies needed for scavenger hunt

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