Named one of America’s Most Romantic Restaurants by Travel and Leisure Magazine, 2011. It’s a delight!

Is located in the original carriage house for the Wentworth Mansion. This magnetic home was built by Francis Silas Rodgers who was a cotton merchant. His home was very self sufficient for that time period. It had its own water supply which included a windmill and a small gas plant that provided the house with an independent light system. 21 panes of Tiffany stain glass were installed on the main floor of the home. The stain glass buckled but did not break during the Great Earthquake of 1886. One of the other captivating features of the home is its cupola. Rodgers would spend hours gazing over the city looking for signs of smoke which might suggest a fire. He is credited with organizing the city’s first paid professional fire department. In my opinion, this is the one of the best skyline views in Charleston especially during a full moon.