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>> Tours are 2 hours and about 1 mile of walking.
>> Departure location is based on tour choice.
>> Reservations are required.


Pricing varies: Structured on your tour selection and the number of people. Special discounts are available for children and students.

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Don’t Tread On Me: The Patriots Fight For Liberty In Charleston

From the Charleston taverns to the Liberty Tree and to the homes of those who desired us to be our own country, this tour will explore Charleston during the American Revolution and how this “royal city” with its divided loyalties would shape the future of this country.

Charleston, City at the Crossroads

A Civil War & Slavery Tour

It all began here in the South with Carolina Gold (rice) and ended with Charleston being “the little city that started the Big War”. Walk in the footsteps of the enslaved, the fire eaters and the elite Southerners and learn how their paths crossed here in Charleston and shaped the destiny of the United States.

The Great Shake – The 1886 Earthquake Tour

The night of August 31, 1886 was exceeding hot and a profoundly still. The moon was nearly full and the mist surrounding it cast an eerie glow. A peculiar sulfurous odor permeated the air and some thought it was just the pluff mud.

Otherwise it was a normal summer’s evening in Charleston. That is until 9:51pm…

Join us for a walking tour to grasp the terror, comprehend the magnitude of the disaster and appreciate the resilience of the people of Charleston.

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