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Pricing varies: Structured on your tour selection and the number of people. Special discounts are available for children and students.

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The Charleston Saga

Strolling through the generations of Charleston History, you will learn about the society, scoundrels and conflicts that define this great city. Charleston’s influence was felt throughout the world and her buildings, quaint streets, hidden alleys and picturesque gardens all have stories to tell.

Tombstone Tales

Hidden beneath moss covered branches are the graves of some of Charleston’s most intriguing citizens. Strolling through these ancient graveyards you will be introduced to these spirited characters. The tombstones many times will tell you their tales.

They Wear the Ring, The Citadel Tour

The Citadel ring symbolizes the history of the school, of the State of South Carolina and of the ideals on which the college was found. As Pat Conroy said of the words he wrote in Lords of Discipline, “I wear the ring” that … “sums up better than anything how I felt and how others people feel about this college.”

Come explore the history, tradition and the legacy of the Mighty Citadel.

The Sounds of Hampton Park, the Echoes of its History.

From the pounding of horses feet, to the striking of boots on stone, to the voices that call for freedom and the “oh and awes” of the people of Charleston and of those from around the United States, Hampton Park is a neighborhood whose history echoes through it.

The resonance of Hampton Park is something to be experienced.

Barbados & Charleston, the ties that connect

The influences of Barbados are still felt on the streets of Charleston today. Much of our history is attached to this vibrant island. Our parishes, our homes, our government, our settlers. Come discover the Bajan influence on Charleston and learn why Carolina was the called the “Colony of the Colony.”

Ansonborough, Lord Anson’s 1st Charleston Suburb

Since 1724, when Lord Anson purchased the land from Thomas Gadsden and made it his part time residence, Ansonborough has been a home to immigrants from all over the world and varying religions. Explore the evolution of Charleston’s 1st suburb and meet some of its residents, Col. William Rhett, The Gadsden, Grimke and Pickney Families and Dawn Simmons.

History² - Historical Scavenger Hunt

Our programs are created on the STEM philosophy of “encouraging a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and require students to actively engage a situation in order to find its solution.” The Math and History is based on South Carolina Standards.

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Student’s Manual
  • Prizes for students
  • Supplies needed for scavenger hunt

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